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Bio – aitor.errazquin


I’m Aitor Errazquin, and I’m a (Industrial & Product Designer , Graphic Designer, Photographer) currently based in Madrid, Spain.

I guess It all started long time ago when I was looking for answers from the world around me; How do I see the world? Do I understand it? I honestly don’t, however, i do throw questions myselft and try to get ‘answers’ from the living contact, an experience that probably will take me many years if not more likely a journey through my entire life.

Photography brings me a bit closer to the understanding of my surroundings, I try to bring a bit of light into those realities that I don’t understand, and get closer to those that haunt me the most.

I’m in this pursuit also accross graphic and product design, art, cinematography, and generally about any medium that gives a glimpse on understanding our global culture, in the everyday nature.



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“Brief Encounter, 2001: SO, Days of Heaven, Memento, The incredible shrinking man, Koyaanisqatsi, Offret“

Movies for inspiration

“Edward Hooper, Richard Serra, Joseph Kosuth, John Baldessari“
Artists for inspiration

“Journey to the line (The thin red line), Time (Inception) “
Songs for inspiration

“Christopher Nolan, Alex Webb,  Lee Friedlander, Josef Koudelka, Saul Leiter,  Joseph Kosuth“

Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes — Please have a look to the site and see the work that I’m doing.

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